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Marketing for

Loan Officers & Realtors

Hey there, I'm Zintiastic!

I'm your Mortgage and Real Estate marketing pro, delivering cool content ideas, marketing insights, strategy tips, classes, and much more!

Elevate your marketing game with dynamic classes covering the latest trends and strategies in social media.

Marketing Classes

Marketing Support for

Real Estate Brokers

Elevating Real Estate brokers through tailored marketing classes is my expertise.

Need a top-notch loan officer with dedicated marketing support?
I'll connect you with the perfect match.

Marketing Support for Mortgage Loan Officers

I assist Loan Officers with personalized marketing coaching, training, plans, and content creation

Looking for more marketing support and a dedicated marketing team?

I'll connect you with Mortgage Leaders in the industry.

Zintia's Journey

From Loan Officer to Marketing Manager

Meet Zintia Melendez, a seasoned marketing professional with a decade of expertise in the mortgage industry. Starting as a Loan Officer in Puerto Rico, she transitioned to marketing upon relocating to Florida. Zintia holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Masters in Business Education. Collaborating with Million Club Top Producers and Top 1% Mortgage Originators in America, she brings valuable experience in working with real estate agents, brokers, and new construction sales consultants for event collaboration and lead generation strategies.

Zintia's forte lies in planning, marketing strategy, and content creation. Beyond marketing, she excels in graphic design, video recording and editing, and social media management – an all-in-one marketing powerhouse. Proudly representing her Latina roots from Puerto Rico, Zintia resides in Central Florida.

Driven by her passion for education, Zintia shares her knowledge on marketing trends and strategies to enhance sales efforts. As the owner of Zintiastic Studios LLC and currently serving as the Regional Marketing Manager at New American Funding, she continues to make waves in the industry.

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